Currently S.G.S functions with two full-time Doctors, Nursing Staff, and serves local and tribal patients with a thirty bedded hospital. The hospital is equipped with facilities like a full-fledged Operation Theatre, Ultra Sound Scan, ECG, X- ray unit, Laboratory, and Pharmacy. Besides this, S.G.S also deploys a special visiting medical team comprising of a Doctor and Nurse that reaches out to hamlets within the forest areas. The visiting team treats patients who are unable to get to the hospital for timely medical aid. Also, during these visits, preventive vaccinations are given, apart from creating awareness on personal health and hygiene.

An S.G.S Effort to give

Two noon meal centres supply nutritiously balanced, cooked food to children, and also to the old, sick people, and pregnant women. Select villages are given a weekly supply of rice, dhal, oil and vegetables. Blankets are distributed to shield the tribals from the cold conditions. Raincoats are given to school children every year.

S.G.S Educates

S.G.S is deeply involved in persuading the tribal people to educate their children as most of the adults themselves are uneducated and choose to retain their children in the primitive atmosphere. In order to coax them out of their conservative ideas S.G.S also supplies the tribal children with books, pencils, uniforms, chappals and umbrellas.

A New Roof for Tribal Hamlets

The tribal people are backward and helpless in making a proper shelter for themselves. Most tribal huts are originally made of grass thatch or plastic sheets that leak heavily, leaving drenched floors during rainy seasons. S.G.S has been renovating them, substituting the grass and plastic sheets with bamboo frames and metal roofing sheets. The required materials for new roofs are provided by S.G.S, which also teaches them the technique of renovating it.

Clothing them a new

All through the year S.G.S distributes a good supply of clothes to the entire lot of the tribal people. In specific, woolen blankets are given to the completely deprived economic groups that has either very low or no income at all.

Tailoring Economic Independence

In order to enable the tribal lot to become economically stable and independent in the times to come, free classes in tailoring are conducted. Special financial aid for professional courses such as Nursing, Automobile Engineering are also given to select groups of youngsters as per S.G.S norms.