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S.G.S is involved in multifarious activities that seek the betterment of a large community of socially marginalized people, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. S.G.S is unified by the sprit of service that is pivoted upon providing charitable and benevolent services to the poor and needy and also in providing them with all kinds of ancillary services that may be required.

In its first year, S.G.S functioned with one Doctor and a Nurse who served round the clock. The tribal conditions then were meagre and demanding, as nearly eight out of every ten tribals were afflicted with ill health or malnutrition. Such that, providing medical aid and food supply was the need of the hour that S.G.S had to deal with. Now, it is a 30 bedded hospital, including 15 private rooms.

Sowing the Seeds of Charity

Our promotional activities gain momentum by the seeds of Awareness that we sow in the minds of our fellow-members of the more affluent society. This should enable them to join hands with us to stabilize financial support. Monetary aid is the very basic requirement that S.G.S looks forward to for its survival and continuous smooth management. Endowment funds, Sponsorships, contribution in cash, kind or services are the seeds of charity that S.G.S encourages its well-wishers to consider sowing to make the lives of the underprivileged society cheerful and prosperous.

Lighting lives with Education

Life without Knowledge and Education is like living and dying in a morbid tunnel of absolute darkness. To extend educational programmes, financial support to S.G.S, is indeed a valuable and noble gesture from the more fortunate among us to the lesser-beings of our socio-economic strata.

A Single Body with a Single Mind

S.G.S is an organization guided by the aforementioned objectives. Since 1991 S.G.S has worked with the only aim of achieving either All or One of the dogmas that it has adopted as it's working principle. The organization strictly Does Not treat itself to any profit-based schemes or activities and engages itself purely for the benefit of the downtrodden- community without any religious or caste bias.


S.G.S manages its day-to-day expenses with a fixed funding given by a Germany-based Charitable Organization, and personal friends of the founder in Europe.Basic hospital expenses also need to be managed with this fund. Any other additional, emergency expenses have to be raised from willing donors. It is in a way an added advantage that S.G.S has no staff to manage its administrative affairs. The members execute it voluntarily. The various duties are thus carried on smoothly. This, specifically has enabled S.G.S to reduce any additional administrative expenses to the minimum.


S.G.S, in all earnest, look forward to your generous and charitable support to help us stabilize the lives of the economically deprived, underprivileged, marginalized members of the society. Your donations are Tax-Exempt under 80-G.

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